Panel maintenance needed

Our purple mini that is used as a daily drive needs some serious attention now. Postponed it already for a few years but now foglight fell of it was a sign that something really needs to be done.
I bought this mini for my girlfriend as a surprise (she is driving mini’s since she met me). She was driving an 1000cc while she was used to drive a 1275cc tuned cooper, and she start to complain about the lack of power of her mini. When i stumbled at this 1275 injection mini in her favourite color purple and the price was very good, i bought it.

Now already 4 years later it is time to do some panel work. Starting with the rear and finishing at the front which will be replaced completely.

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Mobius powered by ESC ubec

Because The Mobius battery is to small for recording hours of fun I decided to power it by USB input.

But I don’t like the loose and fragile USB connector I decided to solder the wires direct internally.


The wires going to the ESC and connect to ground and 5v output.


So now the Mobius is charged during every flight and continues recording when disconnected / crash 😆

Configure Mobius without GUI

Because my Mobius is pretty beaten up, the USB port can only be used for charging.


So how to change settings?

1. Disconnect the camera from the PC and turn it off.
2. Press and Hold Down the Mode button. DO NOT RELEASE the button until step 4.
3. Press and Hold Down the Power button until the RED LED blinks 3 times and the camera turns off. This will take about 5 seconds. During the process, the blue and yellow LEDs may blink.
4. Release the Mode and Power buttons.
The SYSCFG.TXT file showing the camera’s current settings should now be in the memory card root folder. Now you can edit the SYSCFG.TXT file as indicated above, and load the new settings back into the camera by using exactly the same method as outlined in steps 1 through 4, above. Once completed, the “SYSCFG.TXT” file will be automatically deleted from the card’s root folder.

Install WiFi USB Dongle

First start with updating and upgrading your OS => post

The use the following commands:

:-$ connmanctl
connmanctl> technologies
connmanctl> enable wifi
Likely it will say “Error wifi: Already enabled”

connmanctl> scan wifi
connmanctl> agent on
connmanctl> services
A list with available WiFi Networks will appear.
Use connect with the long string to the right of the network you’re trying to connect to – for example
connmanctl> connect wifi_………managed_psk

Use the tab to autocomplete, wifi_[TAB]

Find Network Mac Address

To find the MAC address of your Pi’s NetworkCard enter the following command:

:~$ cat /sys/class/net/eth0/address