Configure Mobius without GUI

Because my Mobius is pretty beaten up, the USB port can only be used for charging.


So how to change settings?

1. Disconnect the camera from the PC and turn it off.
2. Press and Hold Down the Mode button. DO NOT RELEASE the button until step 4.
3. Press and Hold Down the Power button until the RED LED blinks 3 times and the camera turns off. This will take about 5 seconds. During the process, the blue and yellow LEDs may blink.
4. Release the Mode and Power buttons.
The SYSCFG.TXT file showing the camera’s current settings should now be in the memory card root folder. Now you can edit the SYSCFG.TXT file as indicated above, and load the new settings back into the camera by using exactly the same method as outlined in steps 1 through 4, above. Once completed, the “SYSCFG.TXT” file will be automatically deleted from the card’s root folder.

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