Preparation for final welding.

Today is the day that everything will be welded in place. So we have to say goodbye to the bad ass look.

I thought all bad metal was replaced but I overlooked a spot. So I cut out the piece…

And created a new piece.

Welded in place and good to go.

Because I was not satisfied with the gap between the bonnet and the fender I want to get the fenders closer to each other.

But that’s not so easy. Then I found a way to accomplish this. Drill a small 3mm hole in the fender and a 3mm hole in the panel below but not on the same place! Drill the hole on the place where you want the hole of the fender to be finally.

In my case I want it to shift 5mm inwards. Then I lifted the fender a put a hardened steel nail through the two holes. Now you can use the nail as leverage to put it in place. When it was in place I drilled a whole through both panels besides it and put a screw on it.

Easy trick.

Marked the places where the spotwelds will come so I can prepare these places for welding.

Same on the other side

Drilled some spotweld holes and removed surrounding paint.

Put some thick sealing on the welds, not clean but effective.

The same thing here.

Applied owatrol covered with inox spray to minimize corrosion.

A layer of inox spray

And preparing the fender for welding.

Unfortunately it took way more time than expected so I decided to call it a day at this point. I know when to stop otherwise the fun disappears and mistakes are gonna happen…

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