Arm / disarm safely by a switch on your Taranis.


I always used the default stick movements for arm / disarm instead of using a safely double action switch on my Taranis until it went wrong. It sounds strange but this was a good thing, this meant i was improving my flying!

The problem was dis-arming with sticks.

During flying in acromode i wanted to do some fast yaw spins with no throttle…

Let’s enable arm / disarm safely by a switch on the Taranis!


Default disarming under a switch is simple.

  1. Assign switch to an aux channel on the Taranis.
  2. Assign the aux channel to arm config in Betaflight.

But i know this was not good enough for me, because i will flip this switch during flight while i wanted to flip a different switch 🙂

Safely Arm by switch

I searched and found the always inspiring and usefull video’s of Joshua Bardwell about arming under a switch.

It will arm if it ticks all below boxes:

  • Arming switch is active
  • Throttle is zero
  • Arming momentary switch is active for 5 seconds

Safely Disarm by switch with audio

Based on the same principal as arming but then with my own preferences.

It will disarm if it ticks all below boxes:

  • Arming switch is NOT active
  • Throttle is zero

In real life

You fly your balls off and when you accidentally toggle the arming switch nothing happens as long as your throttle is not zero. During this combination i added custom audio text “Disarming active” that is repeated every 5 seconds.
So you know you have to put the switch back or don’t close the throttle if it was by mistake.

The extra benefit i encountered with this configuration

When you are flying air-mode (props spinning when armed) it sometimes bumps a few times during landing before you are able to disarm or it catches some obstacles etc.

Now when i’m close to landing, i activate the disarming switch and you are reminded/confirmed by audio that it’s active. When i land i throttle down to zero and is disarmed directly.



Let’s do the configuration!

I’m running openTX 2.2.4


  1. Fire up your Taranis
  2. Enter Menu
  3. Select your model

    The “Smart” part
  4. Select Page and go to page 10 “Logical SWITCHES”
    (don’t freak out if your lines are not BOLD, this comes later)
  5. Configure L01 until L05 like screen below.
  6. Configure L07 and L08
  7. Exit and go to page 6/14 “Mixer”
  8. Select the aux channel you want to use

    Adding sound notifiction for “Disarming active”
  9. Exit and go to page 11/14 “SPECIAL FUNCTIONS”.
  10. Add the Special functions, line-number does not matter.
    The audiotracks are custom but there are some defaults, you can also use default sounds. It’s up to you.
  11. If everything configured well, you can check if the correct track is active when you arm or disarm.

    I hope you like it !