The last part of welding.

Mounting the front a-panel.

Spotwelds holes created in the front wing.

Applying sealer.

Also applying sealer on the inside now it’s easy to access.

Put a beam of sealer on the inside that will bend.

Spot welded the panels.

Bending the panel is not easy. Especially because this a “heavy duty” panel made of thicker steel.

The bend is not complete on above picture.

Repeating the same for the front left side.


Sealer on the inside.

Bending the thicker panel was not easy. So first I used a rubber hammer to make a start for the bend. Default it is at 90 degrees and after hammering it is around 45 degrees.

Then I used a plier and a big piece of wood to protect the outside for dents. Now slowly work down..

The end result