RC meeting in Gol, Norway

During our trip through Norway we stumbled on a little RC meeting nearby a place called Gol.

People from Stavanger until Oslo were there…

Very nice planes, mostly with glow-engines !



  1. Hello Christian,

    I found your site while looking for pictures of the Mobula7 crazy bee F3
    flight controller. One of the motors on mine stopped working and after
    close inspection I saw that two resistors were missing from the board.
    They got knocked out somehow. Is it possible to measure their values
    with a multimeter and email me in order to replace them? I have included
    a photo link below so you can see which two are missing.


    If you can do it that would be great!
    Thank you very much.

      • George,
        unfortunately the outer resistor jumped away while removing and never found again. The second resistor is 10k but i would recommend to buy a new one. Personally i also tried to replace parts on an board bust mostly the damage is more then you can see.

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