Fried Turnigy 9X due reversed polarity

Someone who just started in this hobby asked my advice what to buy with a small budget. So when they finally received the goods they connected the lipo badly and released all the magic smoke out of the turnigy 9X.

Because i felt bad about it i offered to try to fix it.

So here we go.
Opening the transmitter by removing the screen on the back.

And carefully flip it open

Pull the white connector that hold the two parts.

And we see already some damage. The capacitor 16V 22uF (SMD) is completely gone. The voltage regulator 78L05 (next on top of it is also gone, altough you don’t see this.

So let’s remove those to parts, i used a solder iron because i did not have something else. Do it carefully and don’t pull to hard.

I checked for more visual damage and found the printboard behind the on/off switch.

So probably we need also replace this voltage regulator 78L05 TO-92 that is on the other side of the board.

And I heard some loose parts when tilting the transmitter. So I took a closer look at the RF module.

Another regulator blown to pieces the 78M05 TO-220 .

So damage report:
78L05 SMD
16V 22uF (SMD)
78L05 TO-92
78M05 TO-220

So ordered the components and replaced them, except the left voltage regulator, becuase this one was not damaged.20160916_170151

The new voltage regulator and capicitor on its place


And a new voltage regulator for the TX module


I have made wire bridges from servo wire to replace the broken copper tracks. (no picture of the result, forgot to take one)20160916_171238

Put a good connector on the batterypack, used from the original battery tray.


Moment of thruth20160916_174549

Yeah !!!

Also connected the receiver to check servo jitter, but servo’s were rock solid, mission succesfull.

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